How to Play

  1. Print the challenges, cut them out, and put them in an envelope.
  2. Choose a challenge by letting your child draw a challenge from the envelope.
  3. Grade the challenge.
    • Each point is worth one minute (modify this to meet your needs).
    • Allow 30 points for effort and 30 points for quality
      • Effort: ___ /30  Quality: ___ /30 
    • Some challenges that are more time consuming or have two parts are worth double time. Some challenges have optional bonuses.
    • Award bonus points! Especially if they become intensely involved in the project.
    • For more ideas on implementation and grading click here.

These activities are reasonable for kids ages 7-13 if you vary your expectations by age.


Share your ideas, results, and feedback with us!

The Screen-Time Challenge
The Screen-Time Challenge
The delicious result to this challenge! 👨‍🍳😋
The Screen-Time Challenge
The Screen-Time Challenge
Screen-Time Challenges are fun, educational activities that kids (ages 7-13) can do to earn screen time. With stir-crazy kiddos and a heavy homeschool burden these days, we hope you find this helpful. Please share if you know families who could use this. Cheers friends! We’ll get through this together!